25 February 2013

Adademy Awards Fashion Recap

Thank you to the Academy for hosting an awards show where I enjoyed the red carpet! Don't get me wrong, there was room for improvement but it was a thousand times better than what we've been seeing. I'm not going to critique every outfit but wanted to share my highlights from the evening.

Jessica Chastain - Flawless from head to toe. I'm usually not a fan of the full beaded look, but with her smooth hair and porcelain skin, it all aligned and looked stunning. And did you see the vintage diamond and gold vintage Harry Winston bracelet?

Jennifer Garner - Wow. Gorgeous dress, a statement necklace anyone would dye for and a natural yet pulled together look for hair an makeup. Fresh Hollywood glamour.

Amy Adams - Lots of dress, but loved the color and texture. She looked graceful and it wouldn't be the Oscars without a princess dress.

Other Oscar notes:
- Runner-up is Naomi Watts. While I can't see myself wearing this dress, it fit her perfectly and overall she looks amaz
- Props to Charlize Theron who looked gorg in a white peplum dress. She looked stunning even with short hair (and loved the little dance with Channing Tatum!)
- Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful from the waist up. Her hair, makeup, skin and dress coloring complimented each other perfectly. From the waist down- way too much dress. Poor thing tripped and fell when going to accept an award!
- Two looks I did not get- Amanda Seyfried (lavender eyeshadow??) and Selma Hay (I thought that beaded halter was going to choke her!)
- Anne Hathaway- beautiful pink Prada but it didn't look like an Oscar dress, especially when you are the favorite to win Best Supporting Actress. And please grow your hair out. And please stop being annoying.
- I said it last year and I'll say it again- men, you need to shave! Clooney, Affleck... clean it up!

What was your favorite award season look?

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22 February 2013

Nothing like a great bow!

I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful bow dress on Lily Collins, recently worn to the Costume Designers Guild Awards. Such an amazing back!

The red carpet has been disappointing this award season, so I'm hoping they've been holding out for the Oscars. Fingers-crossed I'll be inspired to share something special!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

03 December 2012

Monogram Monday for the Holidays

Why use the same old holiday wreath when you can have a fresh cedar monogrammed one???  Our 'H' wreath arrived Saturday and I love how it is both festive and personalized.Order one here or if you're feeling crafty, get a plywood cutout of the letter you want, attach branches with sturdy wire and hang with some nice ribbon.
Here is our door :)

Here's to kicking off the holidays!

05 October 2012

Moving into Fall...

While lots of people are celebrating autumn, I am still mourning the end of summer... It's so sad to put away sundresses, white jeans and sandals! But I have to be a big girl and accept the fact that a long, cold winter needs to be endured before I'm able to enjoy them again. And maybe I can convince M that we need a beach trip somewhere in there...

With all of that being said, I'm on a mission this weekend to find some fall pieces that I can get excited about. So far it's been too warm to even consider trying on a sweater much less buying one and I'm still so-so with some of the trends (big coats? brocade? leather pants/dress? yikes) so we will see what we can find as my bff and co-blogger Anna Lee will be in NYC! So excited to hit the streets and see what the city has to offer. And obviously enjoy a glass or two of bubbly along the way.

Here are some discount codes to help everyone with their fall shopping. If you know more, feel free to share in the comments!

Tory Burch - enter TBFRIENDS at checkout for a 25% discount until Monday October 8
Elizabeth McKay - enter FRIENDS2012 at checkout for a 25% discount until Monday October 8

Next week we'll let you know what we find!


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19 September 2012


It's pretty chilly up here in Minnesota this week, so my thoughts are starting to turn to winter skin care.  Lucky for me, when I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I found out that one of my favorite lip care lines has a fabulous new gloss in a tube.  I already love the Sara Happ Lip Scrub.  It is great for scrubbing off flakes (and for a quick fix for "red wine mouth," not that any of you have ever had that problem!).  Personally, I like the almond creme scent the best.  (I'm not really wild about the apple and creme brûlée scents at all.)  I also already love the Lip Slip balm.  Put it on at night, and you will wake up with it still on and with very soft, moisturized lips.   But it is in a jar, which is not my favorite packaging for lip products.  I just don't like having sticky fingers.  Lucky for me, she just released a gloss in a tube!  It's a little lighter than the Lip Slip, but not much and so much easier to apply!

(Oh, and in case you needed another reason, Chicago girls, Sara is from Downers Grove, so you get to support a local girl made good!)

Happy Kissing!

17 September 2012

Monogram Monday

Last week Who What Wear Daily featured a whole page of monograms- I couldn't believe my eyes! A girlfriend and lover of monograms, forwarded me the emails with a quote "After our hearts!". Yes, indeed, it was after our hearts.

Of course I went to J. Crew and checked out the featured PJs (for those of you who don't know, J. Crew has a whole Monogram Shop on their website). I'm loving this nightshirt....

I think I need some monogrammed sleepwear!


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16 August 2012

Not Exactly a Cheap Thrill...

But, holy cow, it's like Elizabeth McKay is in my head!  The new fall collection is a sea of kelly green and rich purple, my all-time favorite colors to wear!  I am already in love with her classic, preppy silhouettes, and this is making it extremely difficult to decide what to pick.  I probably should wait until I get to NYC in a few weeks and can actually visit the store, but I don't think I'll be able to hold out that long.  Right now, I'm leaning toward this skirt:
And maybe this dress:

And this skirt doesn't appear to be available online yet, but I'm going to assume that Mrs. McKay would never toy with me, so it will be soon!

What do you think??  What would you get?  Seriously.  I'm gonna need your help.


15 August 2012

Cocktails anyone?

In June, Jonathan Adlar hosted a party for Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook and guess who went? Moi! I was elated to meet the blogger I've been following for some time now and check out her homage to the cocktail.

I walked into the JA store and who's the first person I see but Simon Doonan! I was a bit speechless but managed to say, "Oh my Gosh! I just read your book and loved it!" At least I didn't say anything too silly! But with a title like  Gay Men Don't Get Fat, how could I not love it? (If you're looking for a light read that provides quite a few chuckles I recommend checking it out.)

The fabulous and talented Jonathan Adlar was there and, of course, Mrs. Lilien who was beaming and looking very chic in her orange caftan- burst of California color is always refreshing in NYC!  I left there with not one but two signed copies of her Swatchbook; one for me and one for my dear friend and co-blogger who introduced me to the Mrs :) Click here to check out her posting about the event.
While some of the cocktails are classics, there are new twists such as the Mrs. Mojito, which is a tasty mojito but with basil and Champagne. A little bubbly always makes things better, right? The Mrs shares her favorite brands, such as Swanson Vineyards Pinot Grigio verses saying "white wine", and tips for making the cocktails interesting. One of my favorites is "Give this cocktail a spin by adding a colorful pink salt rim"- so clever!  This makes a great gift, whether for a housewarming, birthday, stock-the-bar party.

13 August 2012

Monogram Monday

While stores are in fall mode, I am still in full blown summer mode! I am embracing every minute of warmth, sundresses, sandals and bright colors. For all of you who are squeezing in another beach trip, check out these adorable beach towels.

I'm especially in love with the elephants :) Many thanks to Megs for introducing me to this site!


09 August 2012

Cheap Thrill Thursday

Today, we have a cheap thrill buy, and a cheap, quick fix for a wardrobe problem that I've had more times than I should admit.  (And it's also a good mom tip!)  First, I want to share about these amazingly soft, well-fitting t-shirts from everyone's favorite discount retailer, Target! (Okay, I'm biased since I still own stock from my old 401k, but it's still pretty great.)  My friend Sara told me about these, and for EIGHT DOLLARS you can pretty well stock up!  As she says, the v-neck is not too low, not too high, the pocket is in the right place, and did we mention, EIGHT DOLLARS?!?  However, if you are like me and are sometimes in a little bit too much of a hurry, you might make the mistake of leaving the big ol' size sticker they slap right down the front of these t-shirts on the shirt when you throw it into the washer.  And dryer.  So now you have gross sticker residue on your sweet new t-shirt.  What to do?  Well, as it turns out, the same thing you do when you have gross sticker residue on your new wine glass!  Goo Gone!  This totally works on clothes!  Just put a little on a soft rag, and gently wipe the sticky stuff off the shirt.  I recommend washing immediately, so the oil in the Goo Gone doesn't stain, and it should wash right out.  Works like a charm!  (And this is good to know if you happen to hang out with someone who might put stickers on your or her clothes without telling you.  Here's looking at you Toddler E!)

08 August 2012

Maps of your Favorite City

I have a thing for maps. I'm not sure where it got started (maybe the endless road-trip when visiting colleges for my older sister?) but I have always loved looking at them and seeing how cities are laid out. Even my wedding save-the-date incorporated a vintage map of New Orleans!

My husband recently found out that a college friend of his, Justin Smith, started J-Storm Urban Maps. He designs and makes positive-relief maps out of wood. Right now he's trying get the company started using Kickstarter, which is a crowd-funding mechanism that launches creative projects which have an investment cost by pre-selling the product. If he reaches his goal, then all orders are processed and he's in business (and we get our maps!). If not, no cards are charged and he works on his next steps.

I encourage all of you to check it out and place your order by Monday August 13th. They come in all different sizes and can be painted a range of colors. Available cities include San Francisco, NYC, Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston, Austin, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo and many more.

Hopefully Justin will reach his goal-  I really want my map of New Orleans!


30 July 2012

Late Night Monogram Monday

Inspiration can strike from all sorts of places!  Today's Monogram Monday came to me via the Wall Street Journal via my mom.  (The WSJ part being the surprising part!)  They did a little piece on monogrammed items, and these amazing monogrammed satin clutches from Anya Hindmarch Bespoke were featured.  I had to check out the website, and I also saw her gorgeous clutches with an engraved clasp.  Totally amazing!  These are quite the splurge, but I'm definitely adding to my long-term wish list.  Or even luckier for my friends, to my "gifts to give when money is no object" list!

27 July 2012


The Olympics are here! After watching countless trials and counting down the days, Opening Ceremony is only a few hours away. And this year is super special- for the first time I won't be watching everything on TV. That's right- I'm headed to London! The bags are packed with red, white and blue (even my luggage, without realizing it, goes with the theme) and I am ready to cheer on the U. S. of A.!

I won't be blogging next week but look forward to sharing stories when I return.

Let the games begin!


PS- Any Field Hockey fans out there? S'well is now an Official Supplier to USA Field Hockey. You can buy the limited-edition bottle on the S'well website and use it while cheering them on to Gold!

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19 July 2012

Cheap Thrill Thursday!

So not much has changed since yesterday, and it's still pretty darn hot, because, well, it's still July.  And now that your boo-boos are all covered up, here's a quick tip for keeping a fresh face.  It's all about blotting papers!  These babies keep you looking fresh and matte without piling on more makeup, which doesn't really help much anyway.  And for those who know me well, you know that I have oilier skin, and have since I was about 11, so I'm kind of a blotting paper connoisseur at this point in my life.  My two favorites work great and are super inexpensive.  First, the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets that you can pick up next to the Noxema at any drugstore are about $5 for 50 and are very effective.  They are a little weird at first, because they have a plastic feel to them, but you can literally see them working.  My other favorites are my new favorites thanks to a Sephora Beauty Insider* gift, and they are the Boscia Blotting Linens.  These actually are a little less aggressive than the Clean & Clear ones, which is sometimes what I want, especially in cooler months.  They are actually about the same price per sheet as the C&C sheets, at about $10 for 100.
(*Random tip for those of you who are Sephora Beauty Insiders--their loyalty program for those who aren't--did you know that you can spend more than just 100 points at a time and get more than one gift if it's something you really like?  This is how I ended up with three "freebie" packs of the Boscia linens!)
Stay Fresh,

18 July 2012

Boo Boo Fix

Yesterday was bows, bows, and today, I want to talk about boo-boos.  It's the middle of summer, and wherever you are reading, from what Sam Champion on GMA tells me, it's just plain hot.  (Side note: GMA, you ask?  Yes, Savannah Guthrie, Today Show?? We're done.)  So I know you are wearing your teeniest clothes, and that means lots of skin.  And I know you want to make sure that skin is flawless!  For me, between mommying and my newest bright idea, Crossfit (check out the website, and imagine how I don't hurt myself EVERY DAY), and feel like I look down and see a new bruise every morning.  I have found a couple of quick and easy solutions.  First, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.  This is good for light to medium coverage, and especially good for a super quick de-ghost-legs effect.  It stays on very well and has a light shimmer which is great for some flattering light diffusing.  Second, for the big-time boo-boos, believe it or not, Kat von D Tattoo Concealer is amazing.  It will cover up absolutely anything.  I use a combo of the pencil and the actual concealer, and it is a life saver.  And this stuff doesn't come off without some serious scrubbing, so unless you are headed to the pool, it will hold up in the heat!  (And I missed you all, too!  You'll be hearing more from both of us coming up!!)
Stay Cool,
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