29 July 2011


A few nights ago, I was at book club and mentioned something about Etsy, and several women hadn't heard of it. I'm considering this a public service announcement to everyone out there who loves all things cute and custom-made! Get over to Etsy, pronto! I've made a few Etsy purchases, and all of them have been fabulous. I had gorgeous pillows made for one of my sofas, in Kelly Wearstler fabric no less! And it is great for all things kid and baby, including the adorable letters I had made to hang over my daughter's crib (custom painted to match her bedding) and the beautiful personalized banner I had made for her baptism luncheon. And you better believe I am perusing all of the fabulous birthday party packages, complete with invitations, signs, cupcake picks, the works! You can get similar items for bridal and baby showers. This is just such a great site for some really lovely handmade and custom items. (Also, if you are in the market for baby and kid items, check out Stellbelle and Rubylou--this blog is THE authority on the best Etsy sellers for kids!)

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