05 July 2011

Nelle Handbags

These gorgeous handbags will be nothing new to any of our fellow Minnesotan readers, but I'm really excited to share this fabulous Twin Cities designer with the rest of you. Laura Nelli, the designer of Nelle handbags, first got tons of acclaim for her Perfectly Petersham clutch. I own one, and this thing is flat out gorgeous. It's made of pleated grosgrain ribbon, and is available in just about any color you can imagine. And I'm sure you won't be surprised, given the name of the blog you are reading, but I am now totally coveting one of her newer designs, the Just Bowtiful Clutch. It's almost more adorable than I can stand! These handbags are all handcrafted by Laura herself, and on top of being so talented, she is also incredibly nice. When I realized I needed (okay, wanted) a silver version of the Perfectly Petersham clutch on short notice last year (to carry with my rehearsal dinner outfit for my co-blogger's wedding), she contacted me personally, and then ended up hand delivering the purse to my house since there wasn't time to ship! Laura is currently on her honeymoon, but will be back by mid-July to meet your custom clutch needs!

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