04 August 2011


I'll confess, I'm a little obsessive about my eyebrows. Many, many (many, many!) years ago, when I was about 13, the owner of the salon where I got my hair done was showing me some lipsticks (totally 90s brown shades, if memory serves) and asked if he could tweeze my brows. No other beauty treatment has made such a difference since! My favorite brow groomers are Tweezerman tweezers, Laura Mercier Brow Definer (it's a gel, so it keeps brows in place while it fills them in) and the Anastasia Mini Duo angled brush/spooly (brush brows into shape with one end, then apply your Brow Definer with the brush end). However, it's my opinion that none of these tools will get you to your full eyebrow potential without professional assistance. Here in the Twin Cities, I see Brook at The Brow Studio, and we also personally recommend Melanie Engle at Adolph Bieker in Philadelphia, Maro in the western Chicago suburbs, and Boom Boom Brow Bar in NYC. Oh, and PS, if you are getting your brows professionally done, this is no time to skimp! A couple of bad waxes, and you might never get that fragile fuzz back!


  1. Love Boom Boom Brow Bar in NYC! You can book online and usually they take walk-ins

  2. Also, my mom was disappointed she didn't get credit for being present for the big first brow tweeze. Definitely would still be bushy-browed if it weren't for her!


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