26 August 2011

The Laundress

When I first moved to New York, my building did not have laundry facilities. While it sounds preferable to send the laundry out, cheap detergent, commercial-grade bleach, and everything going into the dryer did not work for me. I am happy to be in control again of the laundry process and sometimes use products by The Laundress, who makes an "eco-chic" line of specialty detergent and fabric care. They take into consideration that not all fabrics are created equal and not everything labeled "Dry Clean Only" needs to head to the cleaners.

I personally am a fan of the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Regular bleach is a harsh chemical that actually turns items yellow over time. The Laundress Bleach Alternative will help whiten and brighten items while being natural and color safe.

While laundry is still a chore, at least you know it is in good hands!

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