12 August 2011

S'Well Bottle

I am so over plastic water bottles. They do not keep water cold, the condensation makes a mess, and they generate an incredible amount of waste. Enter S'Well Bottle- a sleek, re-usable, lightweight, 17 oz, stainless steel water vessel. I am on day 15 of using it and love it. Two fabulous features of S'Well- zero condensation and the insulation keeps my water cold for a long period of time. I left it in a hot car for several hours yet the water was still cold and refreshing upon my return. Sorry plastic but you don't even come close.

I am considering buying the new larger size (25oz/750ml). I'm thinking it will finally motivate me to have a picnic on the Hudson River Park- it keeps a whole bottle of wine cold!

Added bonus- S'Well donates 10% of their sales to WaterAid. I always love companies that give back :)


  1. And it's so much more fashionable than a sports bottle with a sippy cup top. I can walk around the city and office with style.

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