22 August 2011

Terra New York

It has been raining like crazy the past week. While on a run Friday evening, a sudden downpour soaked me (and it didn't help that the rain felt like needles). I am fine being wet in running gear but otherwise prefer to stay nice and dry. I decided it is time to get a proper rain coat especially since umbrellas don't always do the trick.

While researching, I came across a cool new line- Terra New York. When designing, the two women asked themselves, "What can a fashion-conscious woman wear when it's raining?" They answered that very question with three fashion forward styles- a classic, belted trench, a modern, hooded parka (a hood so big you could fit a motorcycle helmet underneath), and a cropped military cape that will also keep your purse dry. Each is available in nude or smokey gray and can withstand heavy rain due to the heat sealed seams. Fashionable and functional - love it.

I haven't made my final decision so feel free to share any raincoat options!

Lower East Side in Smokey Gray

Nolita in Nude

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