22 September 2011

K Hall Reed Diffusers

Between Julio the cat and Baby Girl, we don't use a ton of candles around this house, so I love reed diffusers. I've found, however, the intensity and longevity varies pretty widely. I have a new very, very favorite, K Hall Washed Cotton. It smells just like it sounds: fresh, clean and crisp. Also, it is strong enough that you notice it when you walk in the room, but not so much that it knocks you over. In fact, more than once, I've walked into my OWN bedroom where I have this and thought, gee, did Justin just fold some laundry in here? (Around here, husbands are in charge of laundry!) To me, that is the perfect amount of scent. And, I just discovered that you can buy refills, which are a few dollars less than the whole kit. Savings on something you love always smell great!

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