01 September 2011

Prepping for Houseguests

As summer starts to wind down, we move into fall, which is houseguest season! I've collected a few great, easy tips for creating a welcoming environment for visitors.
1. Collect items that guests frequently forget or can't bring on the plane easily (it's been forever, but the liquid restrictions still make me nuts!) in a basket and set out in your guest room or bathroom. Some ideas are shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, those little scrubby poufs (you can get them for less than a dollar at Target and just toss after your guests leave). You can also include some little indulgences like linen spray and bubble bath. You can also collect those great samples you get at Sephora, Blue Mercury and other cosmetic stores and keep them in a basket for your guests to use.
2. Make sure that your guest room (or space near your guest's sleeping space, if you don't have a separate room) has all of the essentials for comfort. These are an alarm clock, a bedside lamp, a few magazines, books or catalogs for pre-bedtime flipping, extra blankets, and a robe. It's also a nice touch to put a couple of bottles of water in the room so your guests aren't searching through your cabinets for a water glass at midnight.
3. Don't forget towels!! I like to put my guests' towels on the end of the bed, so there isn't any confusion about which ones they are supposed to use.
4. My favorite thing to do for guests is leave a little treat with their towels. Some ideas are a small box of candy, lip balm, nail polish, a book or a souvenir item like a Christmas ornament or coffee mug from your area.
Enjoy your time with your visitors!!

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