05 October 2011

Bought It in Every Color!

I probably shouldn't admit this, given that this is primarily a fashion blog, but I don't really love shopping. I love looking at a shopping bag filled with something shiny and new on the passenger seat of my car, and I love putting on an outfit for the first time and clipping the tags, but I almost never shop just to shop. When I hit the stores, I've got a mission, and I'm laser-focused on completing it. Part of this is because I tend to procrastinate, so I'm usually in a scenario where I don't have time to browse around the sunglasses, since I've got to get some new shoes to go with that dress for the wedding that is next weekend, eeeek! Because of this, one of the things I love best is finding a great item that I can buy in multiple colors. Talk about a time-saving wardrobe expander!! I thought I'd start a regular segment where I'll share these finds with you. Most of them will be great basics in classic shapes that can be worn season after season, since there's no point in having four of something you can't wear next year! This weekend, I was delighted to try on a pair of bootcut corduroys at J. Crew that fit perfectly, are super-comfy (a little bit of stretch--good for sitting on the floor which is good for me!), but are something a little different than regular old jeans. And the best part...They come in EIGHT different colors (two of which now own--more of which I will likely order), and they are only $79.50--a steal compared to new jeans!! I've got black and brown, but I am really digging the weathered rose color shown in the picture--more of a soft orange which feels very preppy, but like a fresh change of pace for the gray months ahead. Tell us what you have (or wish you had) one of in every color of the rainbow!!


  1. AL,
    Thanks for the recommendation! Went straight there and bought two pairs. They fit perfectly, and even better, they are on sale fight now for $69.50!

  2. I bought the JCrew toothpick corduroys this weekend- perfect to wear with boots!


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