25 October 2011

Gel Nail Polish

A few weeks back I got a Gelish brush-on gel manicure, which completes my test of the big three gel nail polish options, OPI Axxium, CND Shellac, and Nail Harmony Gelish. If you're not familiar with these products, they all work basically the same way: a gel polish is applied to nails and cured under UV light leaving a chipless manicure that lasts until you take it off. These are not artificial nails and require less damage to natural nails than artificials. I've had good experiences with all three. They all stayed shiny and chip-free until it was time to remove. None of them has super-extensive color selections, but I tend to be a light pink kind of girl when it comes to fingers, so this isn't a big issue for me. The main differences among them come from how much filing on your natural nails before application and how easy they are to remove. The Axxium and Gelish polishes both require some buffing prior to applying, but I didn't notice much damage after removal from the buffing. However, removal can be a nightmare. You are supposed to have them removed professionally, but unless you am going to have another manicure, who has the time to head to the salon for just that?? I would say that the Gelish wins on the home removal front. I bought Shellac remover wraps, industrial-strength acetone, enlisted the help of my husband and was able to push off the polish with an implement after about twenty minutes. Much less damage than soaking in acetone and much easier and cheaper than heading to the salon! If you have a choice, I give my stamp of approval to Gelish. Let us know what your favorite manicure products are!

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