23 November 2011

Best Hairdryer I've Owned (On Sale!)

A couple of years back, a co-worker of mine came into the office raving about this fabulous new GHD flatiron/curling iron she had just bought at her salon. All of her raves convinced me to buy one, and I do love it, so much so that I was convinced that higher-end hair appliances might actually be worth the extra cash. I bought a Sedu hairdryer, and I've never looked back! It is the most amazing hairdryer I've ever owned. Yes, it gets hot, but not scorching hot, and it is crazy powerful. I mean, so powerful, I have to be careful not to aim it at my bathroom counter, or it will blow off my contact case. It cuts my drying time way down, and I have a lot of hair, so that means a lot to me. And I think it helps keep my hair healthier, since I spend less time drying it. And if you check it out this week, you can get a good deal on it from Folica.com! Do a little online shopping while you are with the family for Thanksgiving. You'll have a little treat when you get home!

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