11 November 2011

Glycolic Peel

Last week I decided to try a glycolic peel. This procedure helps exfoliate and stimulate cell regeneration which is great for fading blemishes and treating fine lines. I am all about having nice skin and taking preventative measures, so I figured I would see what it is all about.

The peel had a 30% concentration (they range from 20-70%) which was ideal for me since I had never done one before and my skin is on the more sensitive side. If you stick with the lower concentration then it can be applied as frequently as every two weeks; some of the more powerful concentrations (which you should build up to using and performed by a dermo) can only be used every couple of months.

The whole process was simple- they painted the mixture on my face, let it sit for 10 minutes and then cleaned me up. It is recommended to wear SPF which is already a daily must to protect your skin. It has been a week and I am feeling like my skin is clearer and a bit brighter but no drastic results. I can easily see this being part of a a monthly routine to keep my skin exfoliated especially since I don't always have time for a full facial. I think I'm going to try a few more before making a final call- will keep you posted!

For those of you in NYC, I got mine at Boom Boom Brow Bar which is a great place for all your waxing needs and usually can accommodate walk-ins.

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