02 November 2011

Hair Treatments

I used to be the kind of girl who booked the next appointment eight weeks out before even leaving the salon, but these days, things are a little different. I look in the mirror and think, I should probably get a cut, then at the calendar, and think wow, yes, it is REALLY time to get that hair done! In order to keep things a little more manageable in the meantime, I've started using hair masks. My favorite is the Moroccan Oil mask. I slather some on at the beginning of a shower, comb it through, put it up in a clip and then rinse it out when I'm done. That is plenty of time for it to do its thing, and that it does. I find my hair is much softer and shinier after using this once a week. I also have never really tried any of the in-salon treatments until now, but after my success with masks, I was persuaded at the new (to me) salon I went to last week for a haircut. I had the Kerastase Chronologiste treatment done. It was pretty pricey ($95), and I spent the whole time thinking I was probably getting suckered once I agreed. (And there was plenty of time for me to think about my behavior between the application, the wrapping of my head in a crazy foil turban and sitting under heat for a bit.) But once my hair was dry, it was noticeably softer and much shinier. And even after shampooing today, I can feel how much smoother it is. It made a huge difference, especially since I couldn't fit in the color for a couple more weeks. I would say that it is similar to getting a gloss. A couple of tips: the treatment is best done when you are not also getting a color service, since it opens the cuticle, which could cause color to fade faster, and there is an at home maintenance kit, but I am waiting to see how long the results last before I decide if I need to invest further. I got my treatment at Twiggs Salon, but it is offered at Kerastase salons nationwide.) Now that I am hooked, let me know if there are other treatments to check out!!

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