12 January 2012

C Wonder

C Wonder = my new favorite store. CW opened in Soho last fall by Tory Burch's Ex and now has a handful of locations in New York and New Jersey. I went last weekend and I'm already planning my next trip- it's that amazing.

The look and feel of C Wonder is like Kate Spade, Tory Burch and J Crew in one. Very preppy and colorful and the price point is much more aligned to a J Crew than a Tory. CW carries an assortment of clothes, fun costume jewelry,  retro home accessories and tons of gift options. AND, they have The Monogram Shop right there in the store- heaven! A monogram can be added to pretty much anything in the store and they have an extensive collection of styles and colors available.

I'm also a fan of C Wonder's approach to the customer experience, including energetic workers who are friendly and helpful (and some even sing along to the store music). Dressing rooms have their own touch screen console that lets you select the lighting and music while trying on your duds and a call button for a sales agent. Last, they had a DJ spinning some pretty awesome tunes, from 80s jams to Motown favorites to current hits. I asked if I could have the play list but no dice. Next time I will be taking notes in order to update my iPod.

While they have a website, the offering doesn't do the store justice. Add this destination to your New York list and in the mean time I'm happy to go for you :) Here are some of my purchases...

Blue/Green/White Tweed Jacket

Reversible Belt with a decorative buckle (they also have individual letter and elephant buckles)

Resin Cocktail Ring (I call it my New Orleans Saints ring :))

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  1. LOVE it! And your purchases….very Chanel jacket!! xo


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