06 January 2012

Happy Twelfth Night!

Today, January 6th, is Twelfth Night which marks the start of the Carnival Season! You can now order King Cakes through Mardi Gras Day which lands on February 21st this year. As a New Orleans native, I've eaten a fair share of King Cake and my favorite comes from Haydel's. Others enjoy Randazzo's but if you're lucky, a local bakery will have them for sale.

Not familiar with King Cakes? Traditionally they are made from twisted bread and topped with icing and purple, green and gold sugar. Often there is cinnamon mixed with the bread making it like a cinnamon bun. For something more elaborate include a filling like cream cheese or praline pecan. Just remember, if you get the baby you have to order the next one!

For some more information on Mardi Gras in New Orleans and King Cakes, check out New Orleans Online. Happy Twelfth Night!

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