30 January 2012

Supporting Thailand

For those of you who don't know, the hubby and I traveled to Southeast Asia in December. It was such an incredible trip and I promise to share more in the upcoming weeks (it has been a bit of a process to go through all the pictures and souvenirs...) We were a little nervous heading to Bangkok and Chiang Mai since Thailand had been dealing with terrible flooding since July and thankfully our trip was not affected. The sandbags all over Bangkok were a daily reminder of what they went through. This has been a huge devastation for Thailand- majority of the provinces were declared flood disaster zones, hundreds have died and over 10 million have been affected.

Tory Burch is selling a t-shirt where 100% of the proceeds to to the Chaipattana Foundation to support the flood relief efforts. It is an adorable t-shirt with tiny elephants making a heart (I am a little OCD about elephants right not- definitely more to come on that in a later post). Thailand is a remarkable country and I recommend helping them during this time of need whether it is though buying a t-shirt or giving to the Red Cross. If you have another way of giving back, please share!


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