10 January 2012

Tour de Fitness

I hope you all are enjoying the start of your new year! Even if you don't make them, thinking about resolutions seems unavoidable what with the constant barrage of ads for people looking to meet someone, lose weight and quit smoking. I'm not a big one for resolutions, and I heard a great piece of advice about this. It doesn't have to be the start of a year, a week or even the morning to start a change. If you are going to cut refined carbs, read more, whatever, just start it the moment you make the decision.
Okay, enough philosophy! Over the holidays, I took advantage of constant childcare and a new geography to check out some new workouts. First, I headed over to a class at the Dailey Method (I was at the LaGrange location, but there are locations nationwide). It's a Pilates, yoga, barre fusion-y type of class. It was a fun change, and some of the exercises were a new challenge. I felt like the energy was a little off, since the class overall, I didn't like it as much as Exhale's CoreFusion (nationwide) or Lithe Method (Philadelphia), which are amazing and involve lots of holding pliè positions until your legs feel like they are going to shake right off! I also went to a kettlebells class at Iron Fitness Extremes in Willowbrook, and this was completely amazing! It was such a good workout, and it requires a lot of concentration, so it felt like the time was flying! If you're not familiar with kettlebells, it's basically swinging around weighted balls with handles in all different directions, and it's a great strength and cardio workout. I've been totally inspired to track down some classes in Minnesota!
Let us know what you have been checking out lately or want to try in the new year!

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