16 February 2012

Another Cheap Thrill Thursday

The other day, I found myself in Bath and Body Works for the first time in ages. I was actually sniffing around for this amazing candle they had at my eyebrow place last time I was in, which, sadly, was just clearanced out. But as consolation, I came across the adorable candle sleeves they sell. I got a caning style one, and I love it! And the candle (Twilight Woods) I got has a lovely, fresh scent. At $19.50 for the candle, and $5 for the sleeve, this is a great price for a quick little pick-me-up for your home. And they make the sleeves for all kinds of their products, including mini candles and their soaps. I just love the idea of dressing up the basics a little bit! And my very favorite part is since I haven't bought a ton of BBW products since high school, there is something nostalgic about being in that red and white gingham box filled with fruity and floral smells. Makes me feel young!

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