10 February 2012

Bubbly + Pink = A Valentine Cheers

In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day, I'm going to discuss two of my favorite things- bubbly and the color pink. While rose champagne is always a delight, there are several ways of making your own pink glass of bubbly. First, there is the classic addition of Chambord (all you need is a splash!) or a cherry brandy. Then there is using juice. You can add some cranberry or pomegranate juice (this is my go-to) for a bit of extra flavor. And if you're in the real cocktail making mood, you can do one part pink lemonade, one part vodka and two parts champagne.

To make it a little extra festive, add some fruit (strawberries, raspberries, cranberries...) or add some pink sugar around the rim. As I learned in the movie Pretty Woman, berries bring out the flavor of the champagne.

A Valentine cheers to all of our readers!


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