01 March 2012

Last Stops - Vietnam and Hong Kong

Hoi An, Vietnam
I feel like the ideal way to travel Vietnam is to start in the north and travel down since there are lots of things to see throughout the country. We only went to central Vietnam and didn’t have time to do all the day trips we planned do due to time (guess we need to go back!). With that being said, we enjoyed Hoi An and walking through the Old Quarter. 

We rode bikes to Cua Dai beach where I stuck my feet in the South China Sea (so cold) and passed tons of rice fields along the way (authentic Vietnam).
Cau Dai Beach (just south of China Beach)

We did a day trip to My Son, which is a collection of temples. I liked how it felt like you were in a jungle and would all of a sudden come to a clearing with a temple. With that being said,, it’s a tough act to follow after Angkor Wat...
My Son

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the most international city I’ve ever visited. It is Asian, American and European all mixed in one. New York is international, but it feels like an American city with people from all over. Depending where you are in HK, you feel like you could actually be in another place.

View from Victoria Peak 
My favorite areas of on HK Island are Soho and Stanley. Soho has great shopping, restaurants and a great energy. Head to Stanley for a leisurely afternoon of strolling the markets, spending time by the water and having a drink at one of the many outdoor cafes.

For dim sum, the go-to place is City Hall Mixim’s Palace. It is in a totally random building and in a random area. But all of a sudden you’re walking into a huge, hotel-like ballroom filled with people and dim sum carts. Delicious food and thankfully we got there early since by the time we left it was over an hour wait.

And you can’t go to HK without visiting a tailor. There are tons, but If you want a custom suit, I recommend Roger Concept Tailor. M got his first custom suit and he’s never going back. I too am very impressed with all the detail. Fingers crossed he’ll be traveling to NYC this summer to take some more orders!

Pictures uploaded? Done. Blogged about trip? Done. Trip scrapbook? Who knows when that will happen…


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