08 February 2012


Madonna. It was love from the beginning. Just ask my sister about her Like a Virgin cassette tape that I ruined from listening to Material Girl too much. Or ask my Mom about my Pre-Kindergarten interview when the teachers asked what I was listening to on the Sony Walkman. Yes, I said Madonna (sorry Mom... I know that caused some heartburn but at least I still got in!).  And then there is the first time I saw her in person. Madison Square Garden, Hung Up tour, with my sister and Madge was literally 10 feet away from us. Amazing.

I still can't get over Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime performance last weekend- she knows how to put on a show. Dressed in Givenchy and Miu Miu boots (which were personalized with an M on the heel), singing Vogue and Like a Prayer, and dancing up a storm. Best. Halftime. Show. Ever.

After almost three decades of performing, making movies, and pushing the limit, 2012 is looking like her best year yet. Last weekend was the most watched Super Bowl halftime show at 114 million views, her movie "W.E." was released this week (which won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song), she has a new album coming out AND she just released her new tour dates! It kicks off the end of May in Tel Aviv and will be heading to the states in August. I'm already counting down the days until Madonna is in NYC!


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  1. Coming to the Arena in NOLA at end of October!!! I’m going to try for tix!!!


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