27 February 2012

Southeast Asia - Thailand

It is Southeast Asia week! In December, M (the hubby) and I spend two and a half weeks Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong and loved every second. Such an incredible part of the world- the customs, history, people, food... An experience that I will never forget. I thought I would use the week to share some of the highlights. First stop, Thailand.

Overall, Bangkok is a huge, dirty city (and this is coming from someone who lives in NYC). I’m so glad we went but I feel like once is enough. There are a couple of Buddhas that you need to see here- Emerald Buddha and the Reclining Buddha, which are located in The Grand Palace and Wat Pho (a Wat is a Buddhist Temple) respectively.
Reclining Buddha (with mother-of-pearl design on the feet)

One of my favorite parts of Bangkok was touring The Jim Thompson House. He was an American who helped revitalize the Thai silk industry and moved to Bangkok in the 1950s. He designed his home by taking several traditional Thai houses and built one large, custom structure. It is beautifully done and a must see if you’re in Bangkok. We then went to a Jim Thompson store which sells beautiful silks and went crazy buying ties, accessories, and bags. I really wanted to hit the outlet but M was shopped out…

Jim Thompson House

Silk Design Printing Block at Jim Thompson House

Last must for Bangkok is the Vimanmek Palace, which is the largest golden teakwood mansion and it was built without nails.
Vimanmek Palace

Chiang Mai
Visiting Patara Elephant Farm was one of the most amazing days of the trip. Each visitor is partnered with your own elephant for the day. I had Nanu (spelling?) and I fed her, walked with her, brushed and bathed her, and then rode her bareback.  I loved every second of it and now I can’t get enough of elephants (more on that later...)
In the river bathing Nanu

One of the baby elephants tagged along

For shopping, Ginger is a store where I could have spent crazy money shipping home tables, chests and armoires. It also had a cute restaurant where I ordered the Ginger House Shake with fresh ginger, ginger ale, lime and honey- I can’t wait to attempt to remake it this summer!

Last, there is Tiger Kingdom where you get to play with baby to full size tigers.  Yes, that is a real tiger and, I can’t confirm, but I believe they drugged (I at least hoped they were!) 

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