14 March 2012

Can't Get Enough of....Orange!


I'm going to start this post by saying, I'm craving color right now. All things dark and winter related have stuck around long enough; it is time for warm weather and pops of color! Last week my my nails were painted a very bright pink (OPI - Kiss Me on my Tulips) a refreshing change from the deep reds and greys. While any color sounds appealing, I'm particularly loving orange right now. It is a great accent color and looks great with white and also works well with navy, seafoam green (another popular color for spring), light grey and even mixing it with hot pink (of course I manage to get pink in the mix :)) The only recommendation I have is to not mix it with black- a little too Halloween-ish. What colors are you craving??


Tory Burch polo 
Kate Spade hardware jewelry 
Tory Burch tote hand bag
Hermes H bracelet
Theodora Callum tying scarve
Prada mini handbag
J.Crew patent leather shoes 

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