05 March 2012

Monogram Monday

I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago, and while my husband and I were down in Naples for a little getaway, the hotel where we were staying happened to be hosting a fabulous charity shopping event. Luckily for my husband, since we were at a hotel, I wasn't carrying around my wallet, so I had no cash or cards when I walked into a ballroom stuffed with monograms, needlepoint and caning (oh my!). But I did grab a couple of cards, and one of my favorite vendors was Queen Bea Studio and her monogrammed handbags. I'm in love with this little felt number, which would be a nice way to cheer up the dreary last few weeks of winter. And thinking ahead to warmer days, these basket bags make me feel tanner already! Oh, and this is not monogrammed, but tell me it shouldn't contain the world's cutest picnic!

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