23 April 2012

Monogram Monday for My iPad!

As some of you know, I'm a new iPad owner! I love it and already have that feeling of, "how did I live without it?"

After searching high and low, I finally found a cute, monogrammed and relatively inexpensive iPad cover. It took some searching and decision making, but it was worth it. The first challenge was deciding if I wanted a sleeve, case, or cover. The covers are cool and thin but they come off easily since they're magnetic and I had a feeling I would only use a sleeve when traveling. I went with case since it seemed to protect the screen and edges at all times.

Next up was figuring how what to spend, because there are some crazy nice ones out there. Every designer has added an iPad cover to their list of accessories (visit Net-a-Porter for a taste). While I can justify a lot, having a cover that is more expensive than the actual technology didn't cut it.

Of course Tory Burch was a part of the search. I'm not going to lie, the Robinson in orange was very tempting- it's so hard to pass up anything TB! However, I knew I wanted a monogram (plus a TB iPad case over new TB shoes? No way)

While browsing Etsy, Pretty Smitten caught my eye. I really liked their pattern and color options, everything comes custom so I got to pick all the details, it wasn't a big bulky case, the back folds so it can be propped up on a table, plus it could be monogrammed. Overall they looked fun yet I wouldn't be embarrassed if I had to pull it out during an important business meeting. I got the case last week and it looks great in person. Now I get to bring her everywhere!


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