01 May 2012

Bright Lips

I'll confess that I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about brights for lips not too long ago, so this makes me aware that it is not exactly cutting edge, but it has taken me a while to work up the courage to wear the look.  I love the way neon looks, but it's not exactly appropriate for Baby & Me class.  Nonetheless, I found a couple of great colors, and I've been brave enough to start wearing them.  Step one was a bubblegum color to ease into things, Nars Roman Holiday.  This is a great bright but light color, and I love it in both the lipstick and pencil formula.  If I'm feeling a little wild, I top it with Laura Mercier gel color in Orchid to punch it up a notch.  But want to go super wild?  I know you do!  I'm in love with Nars Schiap, which is neon, neon, neon pink!  It's suprisingly wearable, but I've only broken it out during daylight hours once.  We'd love to hear what you think about this trend and where you are wearing it!

1 comment:

  1. NO WAY!!! I just bought Nars- Schiap! Great minds think alike :) I also got coeur sucre lip gloss to add a little shine since the lipstick is semi matte. Yay for pink lips!


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