03 May 2012

Last Day to Win!

Just a reminder that we're celebrating our 1 year anniversary of Bubbly & Bows and giving away a Corkcicle and a Cinda B Cosmetic bag! All you have to do is let us know your favorite post and why. Feel free to leave a comment, email us or go to our Facebook page. Today is your last day to submit and I know you don't want to miss this chance to win something fun! We look forward to hearing from you!!


PS- Also remember to pick up the special edition of Domino magazine! It's full of decorating tips and tricks!


  1. Congrats on 1 year, ladies!! I can't decide which is my favorite so I have a tie - The Art of Packing and Prepping for Houseguests. I think both are so important and your posts offered such helpful ideas and unique tricks! Tissue paper to prevent wrinkling!? Brilliant! And my "guest basket" has come in handy countless times already.
    Looking forward to another year of fabulous tips and trends!!

  2. i agree with diana, they are all are so fun and informing, so, i have decided to vote for a genre and i love "MONOGRAM MONDAYS!". so chic and fun to add personal monograms to your home and fashion. and the articles show us many ways to add them to our lifestyle. i have an extensive collection of monograms produced throughout the ages. it started out with the "R"'s for Ramon, as like Cher and Madonna i am usually remembered by just my first name and as my last name is hyphenated "DELGADO-MAYNES" i have 2 more letters in the collection, D & M
    and then in combination ( RD-M] .... oooh lala!
    RD-M aka ramon

  3. I had to share my story from today because it all makes sense to me now where the source of inspiration came from....so I was out on a girls night "bump club and beyond" charity party and I was explaining to a friend all my woes; being 9 months pregnant, house under construction, crazy 2 year old running around, general exhaustion and the errand list a mile long. She said to me "but you are off work, you should relax, besides what errands are you talking about....?". I quickly replied "well for instance I spent my afternoon at Bloomingdales Home getting new towels for the new bathrooms, and it took forever to pick out the monograms, colors etc for everyone in the family. My friend laughed and said, we'll I don't feel bad for you and those kinds of errands, you don't need monogrammed towels....but the thing is I DO! Long way of saying, thank you for a year of reinforcement that those errands for that extra monogrammed touch is important, worth the ankle swells, and will be appreciated,maybe just by me but others out there too! Love the blog....


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