12 June 2012

We BOTH Had to Have It

While not an unheard of situation, it is not every day that Lauren and I both HAVE to have something, so when it happens, it's worth mentioning.  We are both very much in love with the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, but like any great love, there is a great love story to go with it, and like any great love story, it starts with a (near) tragedy.
 I have another Rebecca Minkoff bag, the Affair, from a while back.  It's the perfect shade of taupe-y gray, with gold hardware, so it goes with everything, and it's the perfect size for day or night.  In short, it is perfect.  But it is so old, you can't get it any more.  Which I know because I went to grab it from my closet a couple of weeks ago, and it was nowhere to be found.  I looked in all of the usual places, then went back in looked in all of them five more times, then completely lost my mind tearing apart my house in search of my sweet, sweet bag.  After doing some crazy things, like calling my eyebrow place to see if I had left it behind, which made no sense, I made my peace with its loss and set about coming up with a replacement, which was urgent, since I had a girls weekend coming up.  In a hasty panic, I ordered a bright pink Mini Mac and had it shipped straight to Chicago, where we would be staying.
Miss Lauren ended up carrying it on Friday, and I took it out on Saturday, and we are both smitten with the cute size, the tassels that keep it from being too sweet and the very-handy-for-going-out cross body style.  So now we both have one.  And we are both living happily ever after.


  1. What color did you each get? This is a very cute and practical bag.

  2. I ordered the Bright Pink but it comes in lots of different colors. It's a great size and perfect for wearing cross-body. xoxo Lauren


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