18 July 2012

Boo Boo Fix

Yesterday was bows, bows, and today, I want to talk about boo-boos.  It's the middle of summer, and wherever you are reading, from what Sam Champion on GMA tells me, it's just plain hot.  (Side note: GMA, you ask?  Yes, Savannah Guthrie, Today Show?? We're done.)  So I know you are wearing your teeniest clothes, and that means lots of skin.  And I know you want to make sure that skin is flawless!  For me, between mommying and my newest bright idea, Crossfit (check out the website, and imagine how I don't hurt myself EVERY DAY), and feel like I look down and see a new bruise every morning.  I have found a couple of quick and easy solutions.  First, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.  This is good for light to medium coverage, and especially good for a super quick de-ghost-legs effect.  It stays on very well and has a light shimmer which is great for some flattering light diffusing.  Second, for the big-time boo-boos, believe it or not, Kat von D Tattoo Concealer is amazing.  It will cover up absolutely anything.  I use a combo of the pencil and the actual concealer, and it is a life saver.  And this stuff doesn't come off without some serious scrubbing, so unless you are headed to the pool, it will hold up in the heat!  (And I missed you all, too!  You'll be hearing more from both of us coming up!!)
Stay Cool,

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