09 August 2012

Cheap Thrill Thursday

Today, we have a cheap thrill buy, and a cheap, quick fix for a wardrobe problem that I've had more times than I should admit.  (And it's also a good mom tip!)  First, I want to share about these amazingly soft, well-fitting t-shirts from everyone's favorite discount retailer, Target! (Okay, I'm biased since I still own stock from my old 401k, but it's still pretty great.)  My friend Sara told me about these, and for EIGHT DOLLARS you can pretty well stock up!  As she says, the v-neck is not too low, not too high, the pocket is in the right place, and did we mention, EIGHT DOLLARS?!?  However, if you are like me and are sometimes in a little bit too much of a hurry, you might make the mistake of leaving the big ol' size sticker they slap right down the front of these t-shirts on the shirt when you throw it into the washer.  And dryer.  So now you have gross sticker residue on your sweet new t-shirt.  What to do?  Well, as it turns out, the same thing you do when you have gross sticker residue on your new wine glass!  Goo Gone!  This totally works on clothes!  Just put a little on a soft rag, and gently wipe the sticky stuff off the shirt.  I recommend washing immediately, so the oil in the Goo Gone doesn't stain, and it should wash right out.  Works like a charm!  (And this is good to know if you happen to hang out with someone who might put stickers on your or her clothes without telling you.  Here's looking at you Toddler E!)

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