15 August 2012

Cocktails anyone?

In June, Jonathan Adlar hosted a party for Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook and guess who went? Moi! I was elated to meet the blogger I've been following for some time now and check out her homage to the cocktail.

I walked into the JA store and who's the first person I see but Simon Doonan! I was a bit speechless but managed to say, "Oh my Gosh! I just read your book and loved it!" At least I didn't say anything too silly! But with a title like  Gay Men Don't Get Fat, how could I not love it? (If you're looking for a light read that provides quite a few chuckles I recommend checking it out.)

The fabulous and talented Jonathan Adlar was there and, of course, Mrs. Lilien who was beaming and looking very chic in her orange caftan- burst of California color is always refreshing in NYC!  I left there with not one but two signed copies of her Swatchbook; one for me and one for my dear friend and co-blogger who introduced me to the Mrs :) Click here to check out her posting about the event.
While some of the cocktails are classics, there are new twists such as the Mrs. Mojito, which is a tasty mojito but with basil and Champagne. A little bubbly always makes things better, right? The Mrs shares her favorite brands, such as Swanson Vineyards Pinot Grigio verses saying "white wine", and tips for making the cocktails interesting. One of my favorites is "Give this cocktail a spin by adding a colorful pink salt rim"- so clever!  This makes a great gift, whether for a housewarming, birthday, stock-the-bar party.

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