08 August 2012

Maps of your Favorite City

I have a thing for maps. I'm not sure where it got started (maybe the endless road-trip when visiting colleges for my older sister?) but I have always loved looking at them and seeing how cities are laid out. Even my wedding save-the-date incorporated a vintage map of New Orleans!

My husband recently found out that a college friend of his, Justin Smith, started J-Storm Urban Maps. He designs and makes positive-relief maps out of wood. Right now he's trying get the company started using Kickstarter, which is a crowd-funding mechanism that launches creative projects which have an investment cost by pre-selling the product. If he reaches his goal, then all orders are processed and he's in business (and we get our maps!). If not, no cards are charged and he works on his next steps.

I encourage all of you to check it out and place your order by Monday August 13th. They come in all different sizes and can be painted a range of colors. Available cities include San Francisco, NYC, Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston, Austin, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo and many more.

Hopefully Justin will reach his goal-  I really want my map of New Orleans!


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