25 February 2013

Adademy Awards Fashion Recap

Thank you to the Academy for hosting an awards show where I enjoyed the red carpet! Don't get me wrong, there was room for improvement but it was a thousand times better than what we've been seeing. I'm not going to critique every outfit but wanted to share my highlights from the evening.

Jessica Chastain - Flawless from head to toe. I'm usually not a fan of the full beaded look, but with her smooth hair and porcelain skin, it all aligned and looked stunning. And did you see the vintage diamond and gold vintage Harry Winston bracelet?

Jennifer Garner - Wow. Gorgeous dress, a statement necklace anyone would dye for and a natural yet pulled together look for hair an makeup. Fresh Hollywood glamour.

Amy Adams - Lots of dress, but loved the color and texture. She looked graceful and it wouldn't be the Oscars without a princess dress.

Other Oscar notes:
- Runner-up is Naomi Watts. While I can't see myself wearing this dress, it fit her perfectly and overall she looks amaz
- Props to Charlize Theron who looked gorg in a white peplum dress. She looked stunning even with short hair (and loved the little dance with Channing Tatum!)
- Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful from the waist up. Her hair, makeup, skin and dress coloring complimented each other perfectly. From the waist down- way too much dress. Poor thing tripped and fell when going to accept an award!
- Two looks I did not get- Amanda Seyfried (lavender eyeshadow??) and Selma Hay (I thought that beaded halter was going to choke her!)
- Anne Hathaway- beautiful pink Prada but it didn't look like an Oscar dress, especially when you are the favorite to win Best Supporting Actress. And please grow your hair out. And please stop being annoying.
- I said it last year and I'll say it again- men, you need to shave! Clooney, Affleck... clean it up!

What was your favorite award season look?

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